How Tribal Life Got Impacted By Industrialization ( Based on the Book on Rourkela)

The other angle of the city apart from the historical significance is the attempt by the author to bring into light how the socio cultural life of the tribal natives of the area got impacted by industrialization. While historically, the book takes the readers into a ride of time through which the reader can witness how tribal life got affected by the industrialization, at the same time, the book also reflects, how Rourkela is a stereotype of the post-independent Indian industrial launchpads, which witnessed how the remote rural life went for a toss and gave rise to urban issues of migration, cultural displacement along with the cosmopolitan growth. The reader witnesses the industrial revolution and the establishment of first steel plant, which though is a matter of pride for the country, was not helpful in bringing betterment for the native tribal people. With progression it shows how the the fight for justice by the local natives, has been continuing even today through protests against the issues like land settlements and displacement of the aboriginal and environmental and social impacts by the industrial growth in the region.

Rourkela – The Illustrated Journey Into The Life Of The City Around India’s First Public Sector Steel Plant
Author: Samir Dash, Sangeeta Dash
Year of Publication: 2016
ISBN-10: 1539083187
ISBN-13: 978-1539083184
Format: Paperback and Ebook
Genre: History, Travel, Comic/Graphic Book

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