Experiment on the Book Form – History-cum-Travel in Comic Book Format (Book on Rourkela)

Typically comic books deal with a fictional subject or any subject with a light theme. Similarly the travel book written about a place tries to present most current geographical and cultural facts. Samir and Sangeeta Dash’s new book on Rourkela, is an experimental in form of writing, as the book ‘Rourkela – The Illustrated Journey Into The Life Of The City Around India’s First Public Sector Steel Plant’, is a history-cum-travel genre in comic book format,with a complex subject that touches upon many dimensions of the place in context of Indian history. It is a book that promises to fascinate the young and the old with equal ease with it’s 600+ evocative and vintage type black and white illustrations, thereby proving the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Rourkela – The Illustrated Journey Into The Life Of The City Around India’s First Public Sector Steel Plant
Author: Samir Dash, Sangeeta Dash
Format: Paperback and Ebook
Genre: History, Travel, Comic/Graphic Book
Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/1539083187

The design of the book, not least the vintage looking wonderful woodcut type illustrations that fill its pages, is central to its appeal. While some of the images present a nostalgic view of the past moments of the city – the construction of the steel plant, the visit of Neheru , the inauguration of Hirakud dam and the first blast furnace of the plant. Through pictures it makes it easy for the readers to imagine the time in different periods of the region. TBe it the old time hangout of the Rourkelite’s crossing of hill to travel to main market area to watch cinemas like “Junglee”, , or the 80’s middle class man carrying his whole family on a bicycle, everything has come alive in the readers mind through flickers of images.

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