Cleanliness Begins At ‘Home’ Released at YouTube.

We have released our first shortie to YouTube at

GENRE:  Short Film

DURATION:  02:59 mins.

A 7 year old kid wakes up in the morning and peeps to watch his grand-father walking on a exercise machine. Feeling excited he follows his grand-father’s action and runs on the exercise stepper. Similarly he follows his grand fathers all activities and saves coins in piggy bank and plays with shaving brush. He is careful not to litter his pencil and paper waste during drawing. He draws a sketch on ‘India is my home’. Later he sees his grandfather throwing empty water bottle and banana skins to road from balcony. He imitates this action of his grandfather and spills all garbage from dust-bin on the floor. When grandfather gets the shock seeing this he shows him the garbage the grandfather has littered on road. Grandfather realize his mistake and at the end it is seen both of them are cleaning the garbage thrown by the grandfather on the road.



The movie is shot with Full-HD (1920×1080) in MP4 .h264 format, using Cannon D700.

Abhinav Dash, Dukhishyam Sahoo

Samir Dash

Sam Tsitrin, Dmitry Ishenko
‘Lonely Child ‘ from album ‘Smiley’ by CD Baby, 2016
(Licensed under CC Attribution License)





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